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Conference Workshops 2017

Registered attendees are now invited to sign up for workshops online. Click here to access the sign-up. An email reminder will be sent out once registrations have closed.

Sign-up for two of eight dynamic workshops, which will take place in two sessions (four workshops per session) on Sunday 20th August from 8:35 am-10:45 am. If your association is sending more than one attendee, it is highly recommended that each person attends a different workshop in order to maximize knowledge gained during the weekend.

First Workshop Session

8:35-9:35 am, Sunday 20th August

W1 Role of P&C President
Presenter: Kylie Catto, WACSSO President

Kylie Catto, WACSSO President, will be outlining the P&C President duties and offering advice and guidance for those in the role (and those considering taking on the challenge). Kylie has extensive experience with P&Cs, first joining in 1997. She started at WACSSO as a regional State Councillor in 2001 and has been WACSSO President since 2011. In this workshop Kylie will cover the fundamentals of good governance, leading a team of volunteers, and running an effective meeting.

W2 Role of P&C Secretary
Presenter: Jenny Blair, WACSSO VicePresident and State Councillor for Perth North

Jenny Blair will be presenting on the role of the P&C Secretary. Jenny is an experienced P&C Secretary with over a decade of experience volunteering at both Primary and Secondary school P&Cs, as well as having a career in education.  Originally, Jenny was a secondary school teacher but in more recent years she has moved into adult education and the Vocational Education and Training sector.  This workshop will highlight the main roles and responsibilities of the Secretary position, with tips on how to succeed in your role.

W3 Role of P&C Treasurer
Presenter: Anne Fairbanks, WACSSO Executive Member and State Councillor for Perth South

Anne Fairbanks has a background in finance, working as an accountant and applying this set of skills to the role of Treasurer across her 9 years as a P&C volunteer. Anne’s workshop will offer advice on how to be an effective P&C Treasurer, outline the duties of this vital position, and help delegates in understanding the financial responsibilities and reporting processes.

W4 Attracting Volunteers
Presenter: Richard Brand, WACSSO Training and Development Officer

This session will focus on how to recruit and retain new volunteers for your P&C using tried and tested methods and ideas from WA parent organisations, and from across the world. The session, presented by Richard Brand, WACSSO’s Training and Development Officer, will feature short presentations from P&Cs that have successfully implemented their own recruitment and retainment strategies, achieving excellent results. If your P&C needs new and true ideas on how to boost numbers, this is the session for you!


(Left to right: Kylie Catto, Jenny Blair, Anne Fairbanks, Richard Brand)

Second Workshop Session

9:45-10:45 am, Sunday 20th August

W5 A Healthy Investment
Presenter: Megan Neeson and Amanda Ferguson, WA School Canteen Association (WASCA)

The team from the WA School Canteen Association Inc. (WASCA) are passionate are about two things – investing in the future of our children’s health and investing in the people who run school canteens.

Megan and Amanda aim to increase your understanding of the Department of Education’s Healthy Food and Drink policy and why it is a positive investment in health. The workshop will include inspiring case studies from schools, insight into effective business procedures, and tips for great communication between the canteen staff, P&C and broader school community.

W6 Alcohol and other drugs (AOD) and road safety education in a whole school context
Presenter: Catriona Coe, SDERA Drug Education Co-ordinator

This presentation will consider the role of SDERA in working with whole school communities to prevent road related injuries and the harms from alcohol and other drug use.  It will look at ways in which prevention education and early intervention practices are enhanced through contributions from the broader school community, including parents. 
Introduction will be provided to pertinent elements of SDERA’s resources and professional learning opportunities (for school staff and parents), illustrating their approach to fostering resilience through a best practice, whole school approach to prevention education.

W7 Dealing with Difficult People and Conflict
Presenter: Gilda Davies, Volunteering WA

Ever wondered why conflict occurs between volunteers?  In this workshop we’ll look at the common reasons for conflict, provide strategies for dealing with conflict, and how to reduce it through an understanding of different communication styles. We’ll also delve into teams and the conflict stages teams often go through. It’s a practical and useful workshop for anyone working with volunteers.

W8 You are never too young to be MoneySmart
Presenter: Melanie Ewing, MoneySmart (Department of Education)

By the age of seven, most children have already developed some of the financial behaviour they’ll take into adulthood. Consumer and financial capability is therefore a partnership between schools, teachers and parents. Being MoneySmart is a core life skill in the twenty-first century. Children are growing up in an increasingly complex world; money is less visible, online shopping is growing, credit is easy to access and the choice and complexity in financial products and services is increasing. Young adults need to know how to budget, make wise everyday living choices and manage risks.

This workshop explores the issues and challenges confronted by our students as they engage in their world as consumers. It also explores FREE resources provided by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to support parents and schools as they equip all young Australians with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and behaviours they need to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century.