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Fundraising ideas

Our P&C have implemented a new direction in fundraising. We assigned a "Fundraising Month" to each individual classroom. It is then up to the parents/caregivers and students of the class to implement and complete a fundraising initiative. The response has been amazing and each class has participated in a fundraising venture this year. The P&C then only had to organise 1 or 2 "major fundraising" ventures. We did a Walkathon and a movie night is planned for later in the year. We are so pleased with the result and we are definately going to do the same next year. We didn't ask the teachers to be involved in the coordinating in any way as they are too busy to take on this role. We thought we would have difficulty implementing however it seemed to have legs of it's own and snowballed.

Submitted by Lesley McDonald on 12 November 2012

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