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We at Woodbridge Primary School held a colour fun run in conjunction with Australian Fundraising and raised a whopping $9,400 and for us being an Independent school we rely on our fundraising. We recommend this event to every school as all involved had a great time.

Submitted by Wade Yarham on 14 August 2017

Submitted by Tyler Jones on 26 July 2017

There is a new web site called, that is specifically designed to raise money for schools and community groups through on-line shopping. All you have to do is register the school on the web site

Nominate an administrator and give us some of your clubs or community group contact details and you will receive an email welcoming the community group to YourChange.

Now that your School is registered with YourChange just encourage your members, supporters and friends to register themselves with YourChange and choose your school as there chosen beneficiary.

In short this is how it will work; members will login to our website and click on the desired retailer link (we have hundreds to choose from) and the member will be directed to the retailer website. Depending on the arrangement with the retailer, the member generates money that is directed back into you clubs account! The more members you convince to use the service the more money is raised for your club; and the best news is that’s its completely effortless and free. It really is a easy way to create funds for your school,

Submitted by Brenton Gittos on 6 June 2017

Jolly Soles is a family run business selling boxes of socks in adult's and children's sizes to schools, sporting clubs and community groups. Jolly Soles started because children were constantly bringing home sugar filled products as fundraising tools. We thought there's got to be a better way go to: if you'd like some further information.

Submitted by Tanya Pettingill on 25 January 2017

Check out Sanatize! They offer a range of fresh, fun and funky food grade silicon covers designed to hang on school bags, sports bags or travel bags and scented hand sanitizer to fit inside. Great for flu season or back-to-school fundraising ideas.
Customise your own covers in the school colours or logo, or choose from their wide range of designs.

Submitted by Joanne on 24 December 2016

At our primary school we have used DJ Slexie for our school discos and have raised over $1,000 profit each time!
We also love Lexie's Life Scents fundraiser which is electronic warmers and fragrances, really nice products in many fragrances and they do an ANZAC memorial warmer. Plus love DoTerra essential oils for everyday house and body uses.
Can't forget Billy G's Cookie Dough around winter, always a big hit!
Raffles with donated items and theme dress days.

Submitted by Alexis Gorbould on 27 February 2016

I am about to launch a charity and fundraising partner program for our unique product called KeepFresh. We think it's a win-win because KeepFresh can save almost every household hundreds of dollars per year and raise valuable funds for schools and charities in the process.

Every household throws away fruit and veg unnecessarily and every household can benefit from KeepFresh. For less than $2 per month, KeepFresh can reduce fruit & veg wastage by up to 80%.

Please take a look at our product at

We make KeepFresh right here in Perth and were a finalist in the Woolworths Fresh Food Innovation award. KeepFresh works and we supply our product with a money back guarantee.

Submitted by Garry Jowett on 13 February 2016