Supporting parents, supporting public schools

Mental health and allied health services

In line with WACSSO Policy 3.9.2 ‘Health Care,’ WACSSO’s position is that proper health care is essential to improving all students’ educational outcomes. This requires integrated, coordinated health services to combine and work towards preventing and correcting health problems, including physical and mental health, and that all students should have access to a Health Service staffed by a full-time Community Health Nurse.

A number of schools are struggling to support their school communities in the provision of welfare needs; particularly those with a high population of students experiencing increased and complex societal issues, for example, those with English as an additional language or dialect or coming from low socioeconomic areas. The lack of welfare and health services within schools places high levels of stress on teachers and other students.

Student welfare services are diverse and in need of increased support in order to cater for the spectrum of needs facing all WA students, parents and school staff. There is currently a funding deficiency for welfare services that cover the wellbeing of the school community.


WACSSO calls for:

  • State Government to increase funding for mental and allied health services, ensuring that all school communities have access to an array of support systems;
  • better promotion of, and access to, allied and mental health services for students in government schools; and
  • greater collaboration between schools; community and service providers to improve service delivery.

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