Supporting parents, supporting public schools

Parental Engagement

Together, parents and teachers are pivotal in shaping and directing children's learning, development and wellbeing. Parental engagement is effective in showing children that education is important, building their confidence and fostering connections between home and school environments, all of which contribute to improving student’s educational outcomes and well-being.

Despite an increased emphasis on utilizing parental engagement as a strategy for improving student outcomes, there is a distinct lack of policy surrounding the fundamental importance of parental engagement. There is also a lack of conceptual and definitional clarity around what parental engagement is and therefore what should be measured.

We know that successful parental engagement has a distinctly positive effect on improving social and educational outcomes.  However, because of the indistinct nature of this target area, it’s difficult to pinpoint the specific characteristics of parental engagement that contribute to improving social and educational outcomes of students. Therefore, the State Government should be researching what constitutes successful parental engagement and the factors that make it so successful, allowing more school communities to fine tune their efforts, which will result in increased benefits from the effects of successful parental engagement.


WACSSO calls for:

  • State government to have a targeted initiative of promoting and supporting parental engagement;
  • the development of a parental engagement policy, including clearly defined terms of reference; and
  • teacher training courses to include compulsory parental engagement training.

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