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Canteen Upgrades


Carine Senior High School P&C Association Inc.


Access to healthy food and being well fed before trying to learn are essential for students to experience success at school. School canteens provide an important source of food to students.

The school canteen traffic light system, growing awareness of the importance of healthy food choices and changing parent expectations make many existing  school canteens neither large enough or well equipped enough to provide the kinds of food choices we want our young people to have.

Children are used to variety and attractively presented food.  They are also entitled to expect their food to be available in a timely manner, so they do not lose a substantial percentage of any break time to queuing.  When school canteens cannot meet students’ needs, students are more likely to leave the school grounds, make unhealthy choices and face the risks attached to that decision.

In addition to increasing demands from regulators, parents and students; some school canteens face growing student numbers.  In some cases canteens are now coping with a school population that has doubled since the canteen was designed and equipped.

School canteen are often run by P&Cs who return all profits to the school and who are generally not in a position to fund major renovations to canteens.  This leaves school canteens operating in difficult, potentially unsafe circumstances while struggling to meet the requirements of all stakeholders.


That WACSSO request the Department of Education make funds available for major canteen upgrades in schools with a significant difference between the school’s initial design size and current numbers.


  • Letter from WACSSO President Kylie Catto to Minister for Education Hon Peter Collier MLC. Click here.
  • Response from the Minister for Education. Click here