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Overcrowding in High Schools


City Beach Primary School P&C Association Inc.


Following decades of public high school closures in WA, overcrowding at remaining public high schools is now reaching critical levels with little discernible long term planning evident from either State Government or the Department of Education. A good example is the recent delaying of City Beach High School until 2027, which will affect student populations at Churchlands High School and Shenton College as they will both be teaching approx. 3,000 students each by 2026. Despite this overcrowding there will still be a shortfall of 2,000 high school places in the wider area by 2026.


That WACSSO request that the Minster for Education;

  • Outline his strategy to manage forecasted overcrowding in public high schools while maintaining high standards of access an educational outcomes;
  • Provide projected student numbers for high schools in the metropolitan area, including the source of these projections;
  • Outline how additional students will access schools and the impact of overcrowding on existing schools in the western suburbs;
  • Outline what measures are being taken to mitigate against the impact of overcrowding in regards to student’s sufficient access and use of educational facilities and resources; and
  • Communicate the strategy to address the impact of school population growth on wider community services such as public transport, traffic, swimming pools and local government services.


  • Letter to Minister for Education regarding school population. Click here