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Overnight camps & Working With Children Checks

Lately, the WACSSO office has been receiving a lot of queries about Woking With Children Checks and overnight camps. Essentially, affiliates have been chasing clarity over who needs a WWC Check when conducting an overnight camp. 

Well, here is an up-to-date answer to that question:

The Department of Education’s position (based on advice from DCPFS) is that parent volunteers on overnight camps require a WWC Check if they are in a job or supervisory role, and not if they are a participant in the camp. 

If the camp is to be held on school grounds, it is considered to be a school sanctioned event and it is expected that the school will provide adequate supervision to ensure the safety of students attending the camp. 

It is a Principals decision on whether to proceed with the camp on school grounds only if they can ensure that the students will be safe. However, they should take into account that if an incident were to occur the liability is likely to lie with the Department and not with the group running the camp.

For more information about why parents are exempt from obtaining a WWC Check in some situations, please refer to the Department for Child Protection and Family Support's Factsheet 4: The Parent Volunteer Exemption.