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What do we do when an Office Bearer resigns?

FAQ. What do we do when an Office Bearer resigns?

First ... Don't Panic!

Then ... If one of your Office Bearers (President. Vice-President, Secretary or Treasurer) resigns the following action should take place:


  • Request the resignation in writing (an email will suffice).
  • The Vice-President should preside at meetings until a President is elected (see Constitution Rule 10.0)
  • Contact the bank immediately and have the relevant Office Bearer removed as a signatory.
  • Change any common passwords the P&C executive uses and request bank security tokens/code generators (email, bank etc) be returned.
  • Request all records and documents held by the Office Bearer be returned as required under the Associations Incorporation Act 2015  (Part 4, Div. 1)
  • Request any other P&C materials be returned e.g. badges, ID lanyards etc.
  • If it is the President that has resigned, then nominate another member of the Executive (preferably the Treasurer) to be the primary contact for employees until the role is filled. The employees should be contacted and informed of the resignation and the interim arrangements.
  • If it is the President that has resigned, then nominate an Executive member to fulfill their ex-officio role on sub-committees.

Before the first General Meeting (or Special General Meeting) after the resignation:

  • Advertise the position widely (newsletter, Facebook, school app).
  • Ask the Principal for assistance in promoting the position and its importance to the school community.
  • Give 7 days notice of the meeting.
  • Place on the agenda: 
  1. Correspondence in: Email resignation from (Name) – outgoing P&C (Role).  
  2. An item on the agenda ‘Elections’ and a sub-item under that ‘P&C (Role)’.

At the first General Meeting (or Special General Meeting) after the resignation:

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Affiliate Guide now available!

The 2017 Affiliate Guide is now available in a PDF version for all of your P&C needs.

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What's inside?

Affiliate Obligations
Checklist (to assist with P&C obligations)
WACSSO Affiliation Obligations – important*
Office Bearers Form – important*
P&C Membership Form
P&C Office Bearer Nomination Form
P&C School Council/Board Representative Form
P&C ‘Authority Letter’ for the Principal – important*
Affiliated School Council/Board information
School Council/Board Office Bearers Form – important*
Superannuation Superstream – important*
ACNC and your PC
AssociationsOnline Information

Affiliate Administration
Information Sheets

  • What is a P&C?
  • P&C Meeting Code of Conduct
  • Annual General Meetings
  • Chairing a P&C Meeting
  • Promoting the P&C
  • WACSSO Working with your P&C
  • Get involved: become a State Councillor

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Complaint Direction chart

Useful Information
Useful Contacts
Your WACSSO insurance provider: Globe Insurance Services
‘Insurance Illuminated’ article
Working With Children Check information
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Annual Conference Information
Agenda Information and Sample Agenda Items
Proposed Conference Agenda Item Form

Financial Information
Guidelines for Treasurer’s Reports
Sample Treasurer’s Report
Sample Annual Financial Statement
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A guide to Annual General Meetings

It's that time of year when most P&Cs are conducting their Annual General Meeting (AGM). To make sure you've got all bases covered to run the most successful meeting you can, WACSSO has put together a guide to AGMs. It contains a sample agenda as well as information about the steps you must take before, during and after your meeting.

Please take a look and don't hesitate to direct any further queries to the WACSSO office on 9264 4000 or

Click here for the guide.