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WACSSO Certificate of Merit

WACSSO awards Certificates of Merit on behalf of affiliated P&C Associations to P&C members who have given long and meritorious service (minimum of 10 years).

This Certificate is a wonderful way to recognise longstanding contributors in your school community.

Please fill out the following form to nominate a long-serving P&C member in your school community.


  1. In order to be eligible, the nominee must be part of a WACSSO affiliated P&C Association. Please call the WACSSO office on 9264 4000 or email if you have any queries while completing this form.

  2. Please enter your own full name

  3. Please enter your own phone number and email address and current school name

  4. Please enter the full name of the P&C member you are nominating.

  5. Please enter the school/s that this person has been a P&C member at

  6. How long has this person served as a P&C member? (Must be 10 years+)

  7. Please enter a description of the positions held by the person you are nominating, along with the duties they undertook in these positions,

  8. Please enter a description of the service given by the person you are nominating, along with details of any special activities they have been involved in on behalf of the P&C and any community activities where relevant.

  9. Please include a postal address to send the Certificate of Merit if awarded. If providing a school address, envelope will be marked 'Private and Confidential.' Please allow 15 working days from date of approval for Certificate to be posted.

* denotes a required field.