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Attracting Volunteers Workshops 2017

Attracting Volunteers Workshops

Do you struggle to make quorum?
Are the same people doing all the work, all the time?

In Term One WACSSO will be continuing to run this new practical workshop focusing on how to recruit and retain volunteers for your P&C committee. These workshops will be 3 hours long and are 80% interactive discussion and idea sharing.

Each workshop will be open to approximately 30 P&C members and can be held at schools around Perth and regional WA. If your school would like to host one of the sessions, has access to a facility that will seat 30 people (comfortably) during the morning or evening, and has adequate parking space then Richard would love to hear from you - 9264 5026.

Some of the ideas generated in the workshops conducted in Term 4, 2016 can be found on our Online Learning Community (OLC).


Volunteers Workshop at Currambine