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State Councillors


WACSSO State Councillors are elected volunteers who represent P&C Associations within their electorate at the state level. The President of WACSSO is also a volunteer who is elected by and from the Council members to represent them as the organisation's leader. The State Council meets several times a year to discuss educational issues of interest to parents and citizen's associations, determine the direction of WACSSO and to influence the broad direction of education for the benefit of students. Being a State Councillor is a rewarding experience as you are able to make an active contribution to the government school system in WA as well as assist P&C Associations in undertaking their important work in schools.

Our current President and State Councillors are:  

President Kylie Catto
Perth North Jenny Blair (Senior Vice President)
Canning East Scott Mosey (Vice President)
Canning North Vacant
Canning West Jen Clune
Esperance Pania Turner
Fremantle Vacant
Goldfields Esmond 'Esso' Delaney
Great Southern Vacant
Joondalup East Marianne Thoroughgood
Joondalup West Vacant
Midlands Central Tony Osborne
Midlands East Tanya Gibson
Midlands North Vacant
Midwest Vacant
North West Vacant
Peel North Kylie Shailer
Peel South Vacant
Perth South Anne Fairbanks (Vice President)
South West Vacant
Swan East Vacant
Swan West Carolyn Galbraith
Warren-Blackwood Vacant
Wheatbelt South Vacant

If you would like more information on becoming a State Councillor, please contact the WACSSO office at or phone (08) 9264 4000.

*Some electorate boundaries were changed effective July, 2016. View this document to see the changes.