Laverton School Goldfields-Esperance

School address: Lancefield Street Laverton WA 6440

Your councillor is Esmond Delaney

Hi my name is Esmond Delaney, but I prefer to be called "Esso". I have been the Goldfields District Councillor since early 2012 after moving from the Albany district. I was the WACSSO Albany councillor for many years  and now look forward to continuing to represent the Goldfields electorate.

I am a retired police officer and moved to the Goldfields District with my wife and our children and am currently a P&C member of the Hannan's Primary School and Eastern Goldfields Senior High School.

My WACSSO involvement came about after I attended a WACSSO P&C training session. I really enjoy assisting P&Cs to know as much as they can so they are able to provide benefits to students in public education.

If you have never been to a WACSSO Annual Conference before, there is no time like this year to get there. Feel free to contact myself or our office for more information.

As a WACSSO State Councillor, it is my role to represent the opinions of affiliates within the electorate. As such, I will be in regular contact to ask your opinion on issues that are being dealt with by the State Council of WACSSO.

If you have any questions about WACSSO or its activities then please feel free to contact me.

If invited, I would be more than happy to attend a meeting of your P&C Association to introduce myself and explain the role of WACSSO.

I look forward to meeting you and your committee soon.

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Esmond Delaney