P&Cs, have your voice heard!

Conference is WACSSO’s key annual event. Conference guides the direction of our organisation and serves as the platform for future activities and initiatives.

 This esteemed event is the one time of year public school parents and the education community, from across the whole of Western Australia, come together to learn and share experiences about education and the public school system.

The official constitutional functions include the consideration of new policy, determination of priority issues and action for the forthcoming twelve months.

The task of actioning resolutions of Annual Conference is the responsibility of State Council.  It is this "agenda" set by Annual Conference that all State Councillors must act upon in representing the concerns of our affiliates, in responding to issues and developments in government schools and in education generally.

The "unofficial" but no less important functions include informing and empowering affiliates through the participation at a state level of delegates, and demonstrating to the government, Education Department and other education-based organisations the level of interest and commitment of parents and their organisations.

We invite our affiliates to bring Agenda Items to conference. This is your opportunity to raise the important topics and issues facing your school communities at the state level. 

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