2021 P&C Day WA: A Snapshot from throughout the State

A written snapshot of how school communities celebrated this year's P&C Day WA can be found in the Term 3 P&C Voice.

If your school celebrated P&C Day, we encourage you to let us know how you celebrated and to send through photos. 

To help WACSSO support school communities in celebrating future P&C Days, we have created our P&C Day WA Feedback Survey. The survey has been sent to all P&C Vice-Presidents and Principals. If you did not receive the survey please contact communications@wacsso.wa.edu.au.

About P&C Day WA

P&C Day WA was started in 2019 as a day for school communities to give thanks to their P&C for all their hard work and contributions. The day was celebrated by schools, parliament members, and other education stakeholders throughout Western Australia, with a range of different events being held to show appreciation for P&C members.
A few months before the 2020 P&C Day WA, we were hit with the repercussions of the COVID-19
pandemic – meaning face-to-face celebrations of the day were unable to go ahead. Luckily many
school communities throughout the state adapted to these unprecedented times and took to social media to give thanks to their P&Cs. It was great to see the strength of school communities shine through in these difficult times.
This year we are looking forward to seeing school communities celebrate P&C Day WA in-person
once again (fingers crossed). We encourage all P&Cs and school communities to get involved
as it gives the P&C an opportunity to show all that they do to inspire and strengthen school

How to get involved?

• Spread the word! WACSSO has posters, social media resources, craft projects, event decorations and more to help school communities celebrate their P&C.
• Plan a P&C Day event for your school community. In previous years we’ve seen morning teas, P&C Day acknowledgements at school assemblies, fundraising and community events and more.
• Share your appreciation for the school P&C on social media, don’t forget to use the hashtag #PANDCDAYWA.

WACSSO will be encouraging schools to get onboard with the celebration to show their appreciation for P&Cs all over the State.



Download these resources to take your P&C Day WA celebrations to the next level.

Craft Project: P&C Day WA Gold Medals

WACSSO was excited to find that this P&C Day WA falls on the same day at the 2021 Olympics opening ceremony. To put an Olympic twist on the day, we are encouraging kids to get involved by completing our 'P&C Day WA Gold Medals' craft resource. This gives kids the opportunity to design gold medals to give to P&C members for all the awesome contributions they make. 

P&C Day Gold Medal

Make sure you share the P&C Day Gold Medals craft project on social media (use the hashtag #PANDCDAYWA & #PANDCSGOFORGOLD), in the classroom and with your P&C community.



    Make this your Facebook Cover Photo well in advance to show your P&C will be celebrating P&C Day WA
    Update your cover photo with this throughout the month of July to promote your P&C Day WA celebrations.


Upload with #PANDCDAYWA

P&C Day Photo Props

Share a photo on social media holding these props.

P&C Day Communications Pack

Use these templates to communicate with the local community about your P&C's plans P&C Day WA.


Print P&C Day WA Bunting and Table Cards to take your P&C Day WA event to the next level.


This year P&C Day WA has a fresh look with a brand new logo, encapsulating the meaning of this very special day. The new logo represents the day-to-day energy and joy we see P&Cs bring to school communities. It also portrays a strong feeling of connection and community, reminiscent of parents and carers linking arms, recognising P&Cs as a collective. The logo also pays homage to the previous ‘let your light shine’ sun theme of P&C Day WA, acknowledging the ‘shining light’ P&Cs provide to school communities.