Annual Conference Registration

To register, follow the instructions below. Please note, there are two different types of online registration forms, the 'Rural and Remote Conference Registration' and 'Normal Conference Registration Form'. Only one of these forms need to be completed.

Conference Registration Deadline: 23 July

Note: If the attendance capacity is reached it is possible that not all eligible registrations will be accepted. You will receive a confirmation email if your registration is successful.

Submitting Questions to the Minister for Education and Director General

While completing the Conference Registration form delegates will be given the option to submit questions to the Minister for Education and Director General for Education. Questions submitted before the registration deadline will be addressed during Conference.


Crown Perth offers special rates for attendees of the 2021 WACSSO Annual Conference.

To book accommodation with exclusive rates for Conference, visit the link: WACSSO Conference Accommodation.

Note: This exclusive rate is not applicable to delegates who are successful in obtaining Regional, Rural and Remote sponsorship (Regional, Rural and Remote sponsorship accommodation will be organised by the WACSSO office).


Register for WACSSO Annual Conference | 21 - 22 August 2021 | Crown Perth

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Please note: Crown Perth does not cater to diet preferences e.g. paleo. Vegetarian options are available at each meal time. Leave blank if the answer is NO.

Questions will not be accepted from the floor
Questions will not be accepted from the floor
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