East Maddington Primary School Canning East

School address: 79 Pitchford Avenue Maddington WA 6109

Your councillor is Scott Mosey

My name is Scott Mosey and I am fortunate enough to be the State Councillor for Canning East. I am the P&C President of Roleystone Community College where my 2 gorgeous kids attend. My son Riley is 9 and my daughter Georgia is 8. My wife's name is Mel and we have been married for 18 years. Everyone says that we each got a Mini Me in relation to our kids which of course means poor Mel has to effectively put up with two of me!!! I absolutely love everything about being a Dad and I saw the P&C as an ability to give something back to not only my own children but also other children in my area.

Whilst I am relatively new to P&C and even newer to WACSSO, what I lack in experience I hope I more than make up for in enthusiasm, passion and hard work. If I don't know the answer to a question I get then I will make it my mission to quickly and efficiently get the answer and I will respond promptly and professionally to any and all calls for my assistance.

I have already witnessed just what a tremendous and positive impact the P&C can have on not only the quality of education our children receive but also on the entire schooling experience. By extension, WACSSO can have any even bigger impact as the voice for P&C's by being strong and unequivocal advocates for Public Education, championing the causes and concerns of our member P&C's and helping you to support your school's Parents, Principals, Teachers, Administrators and Support Staff.

My aim as Canning South’s Councillor is to facilitate strong and effective working relationships between all of the affiliated schools in my district. I want to help us share the incredible amount of knowledge and experience held within the various P&C's of Canning South and provide any support and assistance I can.

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to represent the P&C's of the Canning South district and welcome invitations to attend your meetings and learn more about your P&C and the issues affecting you.

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Scott Mosey