Hopetoun Primary School Esperance

School address: Buckie Street Hopetoun WA 6348

Your councillor is Pania Turner

My name is Pania Turner and I am a member of Norseman District High School Parents and Citizens’ Association.

A little bit of background information from me. My family is a large one with seven children all having been or currently being educated in the public school system. As a parent I have had experience with large primary schools, small primary schools, district high schools and larger senior high schools, TAFE, SIDE and have had to consider the options of boarding and residential colleges. Each school system has presented itself with unique challenges and there have been challenges that are common across all schools. I work at the local district high school as a school officer and can say with confidence I have a lot to do with schools!

Parents and Carers are an essential element in a child’s education, the P&C can be a powerful forum where parents can have a voice, effect change and provide community input and resources to a school. Schools should be places where community and education are not separate entities but a cohesive movement for the positive growth and development for our children.

As the WACSSO State Councillor, it is my role to represent the opinions of affiliates within the electorate. As such, I will be in regular contact to ask your opinion on issues that are being dealt with by the State Council of WACSSO. I am also the local contact person for WACSSO, therefore if you have any questions about WACSSO or its activities then please feel free to contact me.

If invited or where possible, I would be more than happy to attend a meeting of your P&C Association to introduce myself and explain the role of WACSSO .

I look forward to meeting you and your committee soon.

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Pania Turner