85th WACSSO Annual Conference

Saturday 17th - Sunday 18th August, 2019

The Grand Ballroom, Crown Perth (map)

Their Potential. Our Purpose. 

The theme for this year’s conference is in line with our belief that every student should be supported to achieve to the best of their individual potential. It is also in recognition of our affiliates, and us helping them realise and reach their potential which is our purpose.

The Annual Conference is the one time of year public school parents and the education community, from across the whole of Western Australia, come together to learn and share experiences about education and the public school system.

This is your P&C’s opportunity to raise education issues that you believe State Council should be taking action on, or to propose changes to the WACSSO Constitution and Policy. P&Cs can submit an agenda item online or in writing. Find all information on the ‘Have your voice heard’ page of the WACSSO website. Please contact your State Councillor or staff if you require any assistance with preparing your agenda item.

Adjunct Professor Dr Tracy Westerman | WA Australian of the Year 2018

Adjunct Professor Dr Tracy Westerman | WA Australian of the Year 2018

Adjunct Professor Dr Tracy Westerman
WA Australian of the Year 2018

Setting many world first’s including self-funding the development of unique screening tools enabling the identification of Aboriginal people at early stages of suicide and mental health risk, her work has attracted international acclaim since 2003. It was cited by the Canadian government as “making a substantial contribution to Aboriginal youth mental health”. In 1998, she founded Indigenous Psychological Services, without funding, solely to address the high rates of mental illness amongst Aboriginal people.

An internationally-recognised leader, Tracy has trained 22,000-plus clinicians in culturally-appropriate psychological approaches and delivered her suicide intervention programs into remote Aboriginal communities throughout Australia.

Minister for Education and Training; Director General, Department of Education; Commissioner for Children and Young People; Office of the eSafety Commissioner; Valuing Children’s Initiative; Constable Care; Ian Crawford – Candor Training; WA School Canteen Association; School Drug Education and RoadAware; Mindful Meditation Australia; Inclusive Solutions and Schooling opportunities for students with disabilities plus student performances from Glen Forrest Primary School Choir and Melville Senior High School Swing Band.