Annual Conference Agenda Items

Annual Conference is your P&C’s opportunity to raise education issues that you believe State Council should be taking action on, or to propose changes to the WACSSO Constitution and Policy.

During the agenda session, delegates move and debate motions on educational issues that they want WACSSO State Council to take action on.

For more information, read this help sheet, check out the examples, talk to your WACSSO State Councillor for assistance (or the WACSSO office) and take action!

2018 Deadline: 15th June 2018

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Share this flyer with your P&C Read the Agenda Items 'Help Sheet' and examples



Submit an Agenda Item for Annual Conference

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Include adequate preamble and/or support material to enable other affiliates to be well informed about the issue you are raising.
A motion is a formal proposal by an affiliate that WACSSO may take certain action on. I.e. what you would like to happen. Contact your WACSSO State Councillor or the office for help writing motions.