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Fundraising ideas

There is a new web site called, that is specifically designed to raise money for schools and community groups through on-line shopping. All you have to do is register the school on the web site

Nominate an administrator and give us some of your clubs or community group contact details and you will receive an email welcoming the community group to YourChange.

Now that your School is registered with YourChange just encourage your members, supporters and friends to register themselves with YourChange and choose your school as there chosen beneficiary.

In short this is how it will work; members will login to our website and click on the desired retailer link (we have hundreds to choose from) and the member will be directed to the retailer website. Depending on the arrangement with the retailer, the member generates money that is directed back into you clubs account! The more members you convince to use the service the more money is raised for your club; and the best news is that’s its completely effortless and free. It really is a easy way to create funds for your school,

Submitted by Brenton Gittos on 6 June 2017

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