Central Midlands Senior High School Wheatbelt North

School address: Ranfurly Street Moora WA 6510

Your councillor is Tanya Gibson

My name is Tanya Gibson, State Councillor for Wheatbelt North.

I am: wife, parent of eight beautiful children, farmer of 12 years, volunteer of 23 years, qualified mechanic of 25 years, sandalwood harvester of six years, contract business owner of 12 years, school bus driver of  one year, P&C Secretary of four years, Gun Club president two years, Gun Club secretary  two years, Silver Chain Committee two years, P&C Catering Officer of two years, school gardener for one year.

Being elected as State Councillor gives our affiliates a voice within WACSSO, thus furthering the communication of positive feedback into the school community. My positive attitude towards our affiliates will help them to achieve better outcomes for the future of P&C communities and a brighter educational future for their children. With numerous years as a volunteer, I would like to give back to WACSSO the support they have given me and our communities in the past.

Getting to know your local P&C helps you to understand and gives a sense of belonging to the wider family that support you all
regardless of any geographical location,gender or cultural differences we are challenged with. I would like to attend meetings and learn more about your P&C to guage community spirit.

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Tanya Gibson