Richmond PS P&C – The Spectacular Centenary Fair

Richmond Primary School celebrated its centenary on March 20, 2021. This historical event was made possible by a dedicated team of parents & teachers who met regularly for a 12-month period. Everyone involved shared a vision to make the event a celebration for the local community which acknowledges the school’s rich history and promising future.

The scale of this event was HUGE, being the biggest school and local community event held in East Fremantle since George Street Festival in 2019. Engagement from all aspects of the community was outstanding, with alumni, local residents, current students, service students and their families getting involved in the festivities. To build support for the event the P&C organising committee (named Team 100) engaged with a Local MP and businesses for sponsorship and donations for raffle prizes. Swan Yacht Club came on board and sponsored BAR 100, including providing a DJ who was a parent at the school.

The centenary fair was packed with awesome live performances from local High Schools, dance schools and past students, all performing on the main stage. We also had a special treat from the Richmond students who performed the centenary song written by Eskimo Joe, an alumni of the school.

The event will be remembered for what it was, a once in a centenary community event that brought everyone together during a pandemic. From the oldest person to the youngest person everyone will remember March 20th as the best day at Richmond Primary School.

Special thank you to the hard-working committee, Service Students from Iona, Santa Maria College, CBC & Aquinas. The team of Richmond Parents who volunteered on the day as well.

Good News Story written by Susan Ryan & Romy Surtees
Richmond Primary School Parents & Citizens Association

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