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For more P&C training videos ... including office bearer workshop presentations, a day at State Council, and more ... check out the 'Training Videos' page.

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P&C Training is free with affiliation. 

Visit our booking page to check out all upcoming training sessions and webinars - there may be one near you! Alternatively, you can register your interest in hosting a session for P&Cs in your area. 

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Recent feedback on our webinars:

“Easy to use, great presentation.“

“Good interaction (chat) panel for Q&A.”

“The process was easy to follow and convenient to use.”

“I have never been on a webinar and found it easy to use.”

“Last night’s webinar was the first I have sat in on, was a little nervous, however impressed by how easy it was to set up, follow and interact.”

“The content and commentary were great.”

“The Q&A was interesting and came quick and fast for someone “new” to an Executive position... I felt better knowing the webinar would be available to access and watch again.”

“It was great! Very informative and easy to understand. Thank you.”

“Presenter was especially skilled at handling the Q&A in a confident, assertive manner.”

“Very clear, concise, informative. Well done!”

“Good interaction with presenter.”