What is the P&C Finances eLearning Course?

WACSSO’s series of eLearning modules introduce you to a range of P&C characters and the financial situations their association experiences. Join our virtual P&C’s journey as they tackle real-world scenarios. Put them on the right path to finding solutions to common P&C finance issues.

Work with the virtual P&C to make correct decisions, learn proper processes and in turn, strengthen your own P&Cs’ financial governance.

This course is for all P&C members, no matter your role, the P&C Finances course has got you covered!


(There are two options for completing the course)

Option 1: Certificate of completion

Complete the entire P&C Finances eLearning course. The seven modules will take approximately one hour (60-minutes) to finish but do not need to be completed all at once. By choosing this option you will receive a course completion certificate (please note this is NOT an accredited course).

You will be required to register on the course site. Please make sure you use a correct email address and your full name (this is the name that will appear on the certificate). Course site link

Option 2: No certificate of completion

Complete selected P&C Finances eLearning modules. Click the images below to complete the module of your choice. No registration is required for this option.

Module 1: Introduction

Module 3: Role of the P&C Treasurer

Module 5: Protecting P&C finances

Module 7: P&C bank accounts & sub-committees

Module 2: Budgeting

Module 4: The Treasurer's Report

Module 6: Use of P&C funds