P&C Voice

P&C Voice magazine covers a wide range of education related topics, debates and current issues. It features regular comments from the Minister and Director General of Education, along with a message from the 'President's Pen'. Affiliated P&Cs regularly fill the pages with their 'Good News Stories'.

The P&C Voice currently goes out to over 650 P&Cs across the State and includes a readership not limited to parents, but whole school communities, including teaching and administration staff.

P&C Voice: Term 2 2024

Welcome to our Term Two 2024 P&C Voice! This edition is packed with stories from around our P&C network, articles on topics of interest for parents, plus tips from our partners at Triple P Parenting. You will also find articles from the Director General of Education, Lisa Rogers, WACSSO President Pania Turner, and essential information on WACSSO Conference 2024.

Please enjoy this edition of P&C Voice. We encourage you to share it throughout your school community.

In this edition of the P&C Voice

  • Message from the WACSSO President
  • Message from the Director General
  • P&C Day WA recap
  • Tips from Triple P
  • Stacks of good news stories!
  • Q&As
  • ReachOut Australia article - How to make friends at school
  • Noticeboard - WACSSO Conference 2024
Term 2, 2024

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A short history of the P&C Voice

Shortly after inception, we started to print our first journal: the Parents' and Citizens' Broadcaster, which was published from 1926 (the first issue was dated 7th June) until 1935. The venture was launched by State vice-president A. W. Richardson as manager and Miss Hooton as editor. Many newspapers lent printing blocks or assisted in other ways.

The pages of these journals provide a wonderful thumbnail history of years gone by. They are a testament to the passionate interest in education held by all groups in the community. Many and varied parties made submissions to the Broadcaster. Articles were contributed by the Chief Medical Officer, the Conservator of Forests, the Superintendent of Perth Dental Hospital, the Curator of the Western Australian Museum, the Professor of Education at the University, and other noteworthy citizens.

Subjects covered by these, and other contributors, included dental hygiene, farming, cooking, reading, accidents at school, education by travel, isolated students, gifted children, school libraries, school lunches - almost everything imaginable, in fact; many of them with quite a modern ring about them.

In the 1970’s, the Broadcaster was succeeded by the Western Australian Parent and Citizen. The journal was published four times a year, and more than 3,500 copies were distributed regularly to well over 600 affiliated associations and other organisations. Like its predecessor, the Western Australian Parent and Citizen provided a vivid record of the concerns and achievements of the years it spans.

In 2000, the Parent and Citizen was succeeded by WACSSO’s current publication, the P&C Voice.

P&C Voice Archive

WACSSO has archived versions of the P&C Voice, which can be copied and provided to affiliates on request. To request a copy of an archived edition of the P&C Voice, please contact us.