WACSSO Constitution

The Council's Constitution contains the rules and procedures for making decisions and managing the Council's business. In the Constitution you will find information on the committee structure and its procedures.

Download the WACSSO Constitution and Rules

Download the WACSSO Bylaws

WACSSO Policy 

This policy document details WACSSO’s position on key elements of our public education system.

It is intended as a common reference point for WACSSO affiliates and stakeholders to assist us in achieving our mission.

It is written in the spirit of partnership – parents, carers and the school community, together, clarifying our position so that dialogue and collaboration with other key stakeholders can be as effective as possible.

Download the WACSSO Policy document

P&C Constitution 2019

The P&C Constitution 2019 has been carefully developed to be a comprehensive governing document for WACSSO-affiliated P&Cs and reflects recommendations passed at Annual Conference over many years. The P&C Constitution has been approved by the Department of Education and the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety.

If your P&C has not yet adopted the P&C Constitution 2019 visit https://www.newconstitution.education/adopting-the-constitution for a step-by-step guide.