“We partner with P&Cs to advance public education”

At WACSSO, our mission is to ensure every child in Western Australia has access to the best education possible. Determined to make this a reality, we engage with political decision-makers at the Federal, State, and local levels to deliver real results for our P&C affiliates and the broader education community.

Our advocacy is affiliate-based and reflects the concerns, passions, and needs of our P&C Associations. For examples of our advocacy, see Position Papers, Submissions, and Action Items.

Want to discuss your advocacy options?
As an affiliated P&C Association, you have the following avenues for advocacy open to you:

1. Raise your concerns with your WACSSO State Council representative.
Once you have notified your representative of your situation, they will be able to refer the matter to State Council for action. We encourage our affiliates to contact their State Councillors to discuss any queries, concerns, or advocacy opportunities.

2. Submit an Agenda Item for WACSSO Conference
WACSSO Conference is the forum where affiliates have the opportunity to propose agenda items seeking information or action from the Minister for Education, Director General of Education or other government authorities.

This is an important opportunity for P&C’s to have their voices heard and to make an impact on the direction of public education in Western Australia.

Please contact your State Councillor or the WACSSO Office should you require any advice or assistance with preparing your agenda item. They are experienced in offering helpful suggestions about support arguments, additional sources of information and wording of motions.

Agenda Item Help sheets for P&Cs

3. Raise your concerns with the WACSSO staff for referral to the State Council
Our staff will be able to refer P&C questions and concerns to State Council, as well as suggest action for P&Cs to take in the meantime. Contact the WACSSO office on 6210 0100 or info@wacsso.wa.edu.au to discuss your options.

Individual Concerns
Please see the Department of Education’s ‘Complaints and Concerns’ page if your concerns are individual in nature and can be solved at a local level.