Need a Certificate of Insurance?

In partnership with Grange Insurance Solutions (Grange), WACSSO provides public liability and volunteer personal accident insurance through affiliation.

If your P&C is looking for a certificate of insurance or insurance advice, contact Joe or Deanna at Grange Insurance. via email or phone 9201 8000.


Insurance: The grey area illuminated

Insurance is a topic that is often not understood or explained properly. Many P&C Associations may not consider insurance in relation to their fundraising activities, events or other functions; however, the implications of an uninsured volunteer or individual sustaining an injury can be costly and damaging.

As part of affiliation to WACSSO, P&Cs pay an insurance component that gives them Volunteer Personal Accident insurance for volunteers. This insurance covers volunteers in the case of an accident while working for the P&C. However, insurance for volunteers not working for the P&C is a grey area and many are unaware who exactly is covered and who isn’t.

Considering that in many cases it is not only P&Cs who raise money or volunteer for the schools benefit, it is important that the policies, coverage and boundaries for insurance are understood. Volunteers should always consider insurance in any activity they undertake and ensure that they are covered under a policy.

It is important to note that if you have employees it is a requirement that you hold Workers Compensation Insurance at all times. This and other additional policies are not included in your affiliation fee, if you have queries regarding this please contact WACSSO.

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