Social Media and Australian Society

28 June 2024


Commissioner for Children and Young People WA: Response to Education Discussion Paper

28 March 2024

Developing a Not-for-Profit Blueprint

20 December 2023

Pathways to Post-School Success: Response to Discussion Paper

8 December 2023

National Autism Strategy: Response to Discussion Paper Submission

30 October 2023

Submission to the Review to Inform a Better and Fairer Education System

4 August 2023

WA Education and Health Standing Committee’s Inquiry into support for autistic children and young people in schools

13 July 2023

Senate Committee Inquiry: Assessment and support services for people with ADHD

9 June 2023

SSTUWA Review of Public Education in WA

22 May 2023

Senate Committee Inquiry: The Issue of Increasing Disruption in Australian Schools

31 March 2023

Therapeutic Goods Administration – Potential Reforms to the Regulation of Nicotine Vaping Products

16 January 2023

Senate Inquiry into the National Trend of School Refusal and related matters

9 December 2022

Submission in Response to the Draft National Action Plan on Teacher Shortage

1 December 2022

Inquiry into the response of Western Australian schools to climate change

11 November 2021

Inquiry into the Student Transport Assistance Policy Framework

29 October 2021

Review of Operational Policy 2.4 - Planning for School Sites

19 October 2020

2020 Review - Disability Standards for Education 2005

25 September 2020

Review of Senior Secondary Pathways

6 December 2019

Review of Vocational Education and Training

January 2019

Review of Teacher Registration Legislation
10 November 2017

Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools
31 October 2017

Independent review into regional, rural and remote education
5 September 2017

Inquiry into the delivery of the Vocational Education and Training in Schools (VETiS) program
9 August 2017

WACSSO feedback for School Councils policy and procedures
4 July 2017

Inquiry into the Hearing Health and Wellbeing of Australia
23 December 2016

Standing Committee’s Inquiry into the Department of Education's Independent Public Schools initiative
15 April 2016

Senate select committee on school funding investment - inquiry into the effect of reduced commonwealth funding for the state and territory provided schools
4 March 2016