Updating your P&C information with WACSSO each year is essential. 

It is also a requirement that you submit your P&C's most recent annual financial statements.

In keeping with the P&C Constitution, the P&C Secretary must complete and submit this form by April 30.


  1. If you are completing the comprehensive update of your P&C details following your AGM, fill in the form below.
  2. If you have a change of Office Bearer during the year (not as a part of the AGM process), please email us with the new details.

Before updating your P&C details and uploading your files, we have a few additional questions that P&Cs need to complete. These questions follow immediately below.

The data to answer these questions will come largely from your Annual Financial Statement. By collecting this essential data on the collective impact of our P&Cs.

We are working to merge these two questionnaires into one, but for now we ask that P&Cs please complete both separately.