We love being able to contact our many volunteers across the state. Receiving your updated details every year helps us communicate important news, information and events from us, here at WACSSO; the Department of Education; relevant organisations; and the State and Federal governments. 

We also require you, our affiliates, to submit your P&Cs' most recent financial statements.

In keeping with the P&C Constitution, the P&C Secretary must complete and submit this form by April 30.

Executive committee composition

It is a constitutional requirement that P&C Associations have an executive committee comprised of office bearers, executive members and the school principal, as an ex officio member. 

Schools with greater than 100 students

  • 4 office bearers + minimum 3 other executive members (total of 7, minimum)

Schools with less than 100 students have two options

  • 4 office bearers + minimum 2 other executive members (total of 6, minimum)
  • If the association chooses to amalgamate the secretary and treasurer roles: 3 office bearers + minimum 2 other executive members (total of 5, minimum)
P&C Association Details
The email address of the P&C member filling out this form.
Street Address, Suburb, Postal Code.

If your financial statements have been approved by an Annual General Meeting, please upload below. Or submit to info@wacsso.wa.edu.au when available.

P&C President
P&C Vice-President
P&C Secretary
P&C Treasurer
Executive Members
In addition to the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, your P&C needs to elect Executive Committee Members. Vote in a minimum of 3 members (2 if less that 100 students enrolled at the school)
WACSSO Representative
Tell us about your Association
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Please note: not all P&Cs are registered with the ACNC, as such, not all P&Cs need to update their details with the ACNC. You can check if your P&C is registered with the ACNC online at www.acnc.gov.au/ACNC/FindCharity

Name of WACSSO Representative