We love being able to contact our many members across the state. Receiving your updated details every year helps us communicate important news, information and events to you from WACSSO, the Department of Education, State and Federal governments and other relevant organisations. 

We also require you, our affiliates, to submit your P&Cs' most recent annual financial statements.

In keeping with the P&C Constitution, the P&C Secretary must complete and submit this form by April 30.

Executive Committee composition

It is a constitutional requirement that P&C Associations have an Executive Committee comprised of office bearers, executive members and the school principal, as an ex officio member. 

Schools with greater than 200 students (large school):

  1. President;
  2. Vice-President;
  3. Honorary Secretary;
  4. Honorary Treasurer;
  5. Principal; and
  6. not less than three (3) other members.

But with the approval of a General Meeting the positions of Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer may be held by one person elected for that purpose at a General Meeting.

Schools with or less than 200 students (small school):

  1. President
  2. Vice-President
  3. Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer;
  4. Principal; and
  5. Not less than two (2) other members.


Instructions for updating your P&C details:

  1. If you are completing the comprehensive update of your P&C details following your AGM, fill in the form below.
  2. If you are only updating details regarding a mid-year change in Office Bearers follow the link.
  3. 2023 Update: P&Cs no longer need to list all the executive members when updating details. Please only include details of the President, VP, Secretary and Treasurer.