Important contact register and COVID safety plan information for P&Cs

9 February 2021 Education Issues

- School canteens are currently exempt from the requirement to have a COVID safety plan – meaning a P&C canteen is not required to have a contact register.

- P&Cs are currently required to have a COVID safe plan for fundraisers or events and therefore are required to have a contact register available for attendees. When events are held on school, P&Cs should work with the school Principal to ensure the COVID safety plan is acceptable.

- P&C uniform shops do not require a contact register if they are operating on a school site during school hours.

The SafeWA App can be used by businesses with ABNs. The information collected is for Department of Health use only and would not be available to the P&C if they needed it at a later date. It is also deleted after a period of time. If P&Cs would like to maintain a contact register, it is suggested they use a manual register.
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