WACSSO Conference to focus on collective responsibility for the wellbeing of children

3 August 2023 Annual Conference

WACSSO proudly represents the voices of public school parents across WA. We believe all children in Western Australia should have access to a world-class education.

A big part of the educational experience is wellbeing, which will be a focus of WACSSO Conference 2023.

WACSSO Conference allows delegates from P&C Associations across WA to hear from Government and education leaders and experts and to participate in discussion and debate on key education issues. Our theme for 2023 ‘Yours, Mine, Ours’ captures our collective responsibility for our children's safety and education. The Conference theme also acknowledges that the focus on mental health and looking after each other remains pertinent post-pandemic.

“We know parents connect with the idea that ‘it takes a village’ to raise a child, and the diverse nature of roles and responsibilities attributed to P&Cs fits with the theme of collective responsibility,” says WACSSO President Pania Turner. “Workshops and speakers at Conference 2023 will aim to cover topics such as mental health, encouraging community participation, teamwork, the multi-focal purpose of P&Cs, effective advocacy, supporting diversity in the community, helping young people plan their futures, attracting diverse committee members and engaging the school community.”

WACSSO is pleased to announce this year's two keynote speakers for the Conference. Our delegates will benefit from presentations from Dr Helen Street and Kendall Whyte.

Dr Helen Street is an internationally acclaimed expert in supporting wellbeing, an educational consultant and an applied social psychologist. She is the founder of Positive Schools and Contextual Wellbeing, a consultant to schools worldwide, a best-selling author and an honorary fellow at The University of Western Australia.

Kendall Whyte is the founder and CEO of Blue Tree Project, a mental health charity making an impact across Australia. Starting as a grass-roots movement in regional Western Australia, Blue Tree Project has a mission to help spark difficult conversations and break down the stigma of mental health by giving dead trees ‘a blue lease on life.’

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