WACSSO Position on new Food and Drink Policy

13 February 2024 General

For those P&Cs with canteens, you are likely aware of the updated WA Public Schools Healthy Food and Drink Policy. Released at the end of the last year, the introduction of this revised policy has caused some confusion and concern among our affiliates.

Our position, which we have shared with the Department of Education, is that while we support initiatives aimed at improving health outcomes for children, schools and canteens need time to implement changes.

As per the advice of the Department of Education, our advice to canteens and canteen managers is that you should transition to the new guidelines at a date that is suitable for your school and situation, in conjunction with discussions with your Principal. It is our understanding that there is no current final date/deadline for the transition to be completed, and our position is that if a final date is implemented, it should give ample time for schools to consult, plan and communicate.

If you have not already discussed your canteen’s transition plan with your Principal, we highly recommend you add this as an item to your next P&C meeting agenda.

We have heard from some canteens that the new Policy is putting pressure on canteens and schools, with some even considering the feasibility of continuing to operate. The news that some canteens may need to close is very concerning to us, and we would like to hear from you if this is the case for your P&C so that we can communicate any broad trends to the Department of Education.

Should you have any questions on the above information, please contact us. This resource may be useful to your canteen as you navigate these changes.